Super Indoor Futsal with My Brother


Praaang! (the sound of broken vase)

Brother : Looks like we broke another vase 😐
NoktahHitam : Did you see how it exploded and smashed the floor? 😮
Brother : Err.. No. I’m sure I could save the ball if you used your right foot 😈
NoktahHitam : Yeah, it’s because I can aim with my right, my left is wild ➡
Brother : Left or right, I was just warming up. Let’s have another go ❗
NoktahHitam : Let’s clean up first and play outside :kiss:
Brother : But I’m telling mom, it was your fault 🙄
NoktahHitam : Go ahead, it’s not like mom is going to scold me 😛
Brother : Yeah, you’re my scape goat 🙂

After cleaning, I decided to retire for the evening. It sure was fun to play super-indoor-futsal with all the tight decorations in the living room. Makes me feel like eight. (I have no idea how many vase I broke throughout my super-indoor-futsal carrier, let’s cap 2 for today 😀 )

ps: Mind you, there’s a 14 years of gap between me and my brother

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