Suet Ling Wedding Reception

This was my second time attending a Chinese wedding. The ceremony was simple yet eloquent. The best part is meeting pals from uni days. 6 years passed by, we all grew our separate ways,  a wedding was most definitely the best way to gather up old friends.

From right: Me, David Lee, Ariel, Jason and Shiang Gin.

Funny story about Shiang Gin. In our final year at Nottingham uni (Malaysia), we had prom night. The organizers were our juniors, they were of course over selling the dinner with promises they couldn’t keep. The food was lousy, no lucky draw and the best performers actually came from final year students. So we had to sabotage the prom night.

Since “Shiang Gin” is pretty much a unisex name, we wrote his name to be nominated as Miss Nottingham. You are right, MISS NOTTINGHAM! Little did we know, the whole Engineering Clan had the same evil plan. Seriously, we had nothing against Shiang Gin. He’s a nice guy, teaches when asked, makan also together. He was a typical Engineering nerds like the rest of us.

Long story short, he was called to the stage. Being a sport that he is, he dance, talked, cat walked and won the Miss Nottingham award. HAHAHHA. That was freaking funny as hell! I did see girls in pretty dress felt frustrated. Ya laa, they went thru all the hassle of expensive hair-do, make up and didn’t win anything.

6 years passed by, I still felt bad about it. But it was definitely a story to be told to generations to come. Heck, it was the best funny moment in my uni life!

My beautiful fiance came also, despite being informed last minute =)

The bride and groom walking down the aisle. Suet Ling used to cook with me when we were in UK. David is/was a programming geek.

Pretty simple and neat setup.

The Clan; from left: Kein Liang (Mo-Ko), Gia Wei, Shiang Gin, Jason (Fat Ninja), Chok Yew (Tai-ko), me, David (Sai-ko) and Thomas.

We were the notti brats of Nottingham. Serious fun and wild bunch to be with.

Despite the language barrier and skin color, I didn’t feel marginalized at all. We were like brothers. Yes, I did enjoy my uni life thanks to these friends. Seriously dude, 1Malaysia existed wayyyyy before Najib took over. Like the famous saying, beauty is just a skin deep, except for Shiang Gin, he’s MISS NOTTINGHAM ok!

ps: KL bound traffic was pretty bad. 2 Major concerts and 1 Final FA.

pss: Definitely will invite my uni friends to my wedding in Sep =)


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pakai baju melayu kauuuu ;p eh kau kawin september??? sama dgn aku n kr ko kawin july kan?sept tu bertandang eh?

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Nope. Everything pushed to September because we were under prepared.

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lisa wrote on June 13, 2011 #1

wuuu.ujung ke awal ke tgh? haha.skali clash date.tak dapek nk poie wedding ekau.. insyallah aku dgn kr 16 nikah 17 sanding and 24 sept bertandang.wuwuwu

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lisa wrote on June 15, 2011 #2

Lawak btul ‘miss’ notthingham tu.

boleh bayangkan betapa frustnya actual candidate untuk gelaran miss notthingham

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matjoe wrote on June 15, 2011 #3

Your beautiful fiance is really beautiful she looks like Maya Karin as well. My lil bro thought that she is maya karin in tudung lol!

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Maya Karin in tudung? Wow :) Thank you

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Farahdina wrote on June 17, 2011 #4

OMG! You guys make such a cute couple!

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Thank you CDO :)

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the Constantly Dramatic One wrote on June 18, 2011 #5

Leave a comment, I won't bite ;)

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