Sudah Sudah La TU!

Lagu raya..

“Setahun hanya sekali”.. wrong. In the year 2000, we celebrated Eidul Fitr twice.

No matter what radio station I tuned in, it’ll always ring the same Raya song and I frigging hate it! Why can’t anyone make more Ramadhan songs? Why not play Quran recitals throughout Ramadhan? Why celebrate Raya when you don’t even fast the entire month? Why celebrate Raya like there’s no tomorrow?

And what is this shit about 1Malaysia-style Raya celebration? After 52 years of Merdeka, we are still talking about racial unity? Malay wearing Cheong Sam, Chinese & Indian wearing Baju Kurung? What a joke.

I swear, the next time I hear another Raya tune, I’ll snap.

Like I said, sudah-sudahlah tu.

Ok. Just between you and me, I hate open-houses. It’s as if our house were closed all this while. Shessshh.

ps: Fasting another 6 more days.

pss: I gained 6kg!@#$% My belly is HUGE! Argghhhh

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