Stop and Stare – Cover Song by Spiderman


Spiderman finally made it to YouTube!

ps: Thanks to my youngest brother, for borrowing his Spiderman Mask 😛

pss: This song is dedicated to those who’s trying hard to get over 🙄

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30 thoughts on “Stop and Stare – Cover Song by Spiderman”

  1. great voice!
    i never have the guts to record myself and upload the video on youtube.. 🙁

    *you should check out the spiderman goalkeeper video*

    khalil’s last blog post..Stupid Maxis

  2. I guess its a matter of perspective. If you feel ashamed, try darker scene :up:

    I have stage fright and still do. Even in front my own camera. but WTH 🙄

  3. I’m started to fall in love with this song..
    frankly, i love ur singing 😳

    p/s: maybe u were just trying to tell me that.. i’m not the only one who had such problem…

    saffa’s last blog post..OH SMS…

  4. eddie..hang nak aku jerit kesukaan ke, menangis kepiluan??

    anyway…sedap sey… (lagik2 tgk spiderman macho nyanyi..), sambil membayangkan hero-hero ensem yg nyanyi..

    tp,bila aku bayang muka ko je, eddie… aku nk gelak, sbb ko mcm malu2 je disebalik topeng tu,…. 😀

  5. ayat jimat, muke eddie mcm badut 😀

    ko nak jerit, nak nangis, nak telanjang ke tu bukan hak aku. janji tidur malam ko bahagie 😉

    ps: jgn risau, aku tak hantar hantu suruh kacau ko punye.. 😮

  6. alamak…aku x la sekejam tu…
    aku ada 2 pilihan je..gelak dgn nangis..
    (yg lain2 tu aku x buat..)

    aikk marah je… (apsal org asyik hangen je dgn aku…)

    malang betul aku, lately..

  7. Hangen? Unless you insult my intelligence, then theres nothing to be hangen about :up:

    Dari Imam Ghazali, apakakah benda yang paling tajam di dunia?

    Jawab Imam, Perkataan yang keluar dari mulut. Kerana kata-kata boleh menyakiti perasaaan, silaturahim terputus, negara menjadi punah, agama tergadai.

    Amcam kene tazqirah? Hahaha 😮

  8. jap..aku insap kejap..
    (ok..letak tangan cam org nak bernasyid)
    “sepohon kayu, daunnya rimbun….”


  9. If that’s what you call gemok, then I dunno what to call myself LOL..

    hehe it’s the same meaning, but different usage .. something like that …

    you borrow from your brother and he lend it to you 🙂

    pss: yes, I enjoyed the song 🙂

    borrow = pinjam, lend=meminjamkan 😆

    melbie’s last blog post..Lima Ribu Saya Tidak Gentar ….

  10. haha NoktahHitam … don’t avoid, just try to understand the concept 😉 It’s not a slang, it’s how you use the word in a sentence 🙂 Ask an English teacher LOL

    p.s: gemok can be beautiful, I was just commenting on the size LOL ..

    melbie’s last blog post..Kota Belud MP Is Now A Blogger …

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