Step 2.2: Preparing the Base of Hantaran


The most crucial thing for a hantaran is the base. Since I couldn’t wait for the base that we share within our big family, I decided to improvise using silverwares.

The round one is usually used to place kuih raya, taking the glass sectioner out, we have a solid round shaped based. This can be used to place the ring or cake. I’m not sure how much one cost, but I know it can cost your pink.

Next get a fabric. Typically we use satin to overlay the polyesterene, the price ranges from RM 5 to 20 per meter. However satin are known to be flat and plain, so I used curtain fabrics. It has fine prints and at its pretty thick so it doesn’t slide off easily. Mine costs RM 4 per meter, I only got a meter as its wide enough to fit everything.

A round shaped polyesterene costs about RM 6  per piece depending on size but one inch thick x 3 feet x 4 feet costs the same. And it can practically fit all 5 of my hantaran. I got the cutter too, at RM 20 including the c size batteries. Plus minus everything, I saved RM 12.

To cut, I pressed the silverware firmly on the polyesterene. Using the cutter, I gave a margin of -5 mm. That means cutting it a little inside so it’d fit nicely.

Next, I used the fabric I got to wrap the polyesterene. Using pins, I locked the position of the base. Now we are ready for the next step, putting stuff on the base but that would be next time. Until then…

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