Step 2.1: Pre Concept of Malay Engagement Prep


Now that the trays are here, I’m setting myself off to my wildest imaginations. Though mom is giving me loads of idea and input I still need sometime to digest the whole concept. Similar to the colors on my blog? Hmm, I guess I’ll sleep over it.

-sent from HTC desire z


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  1. selamat bertunang dan menempuh alam yang penuh confusing.. hehehe…

  2. owh.. by the way… lawa effect! lol… aku dah jadi owner dah HTC HD7. now your turn to make it happenning… hahaha

  3. Mr eddie,which tray will be for the cupcakes ya?

  4. the one that has flowers on it. the diameter is about 1 feet

  5. insya Allah, tp aku kurang gemar la htc android z ni

  6. so??? nak kembali kepada plan tak? seperti yang kita bincangkan. kalau hang setuju… aku tadek masalah.

  7. Umm, who are you getting engaged to?

  8. Trade? Hmm.. nanti aku timbang tara. Sebab dah comfortable dh pakai ni. Dah setting app mcm2 dah.

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