Step 2.0: Malay Engagement Preparation

Step 2.0: Malay Engagement Preparation

Since I’ll be documenting, I think I’ll do a series of my wedding/engagement preparation.

There’s a couple of things that needs to be in place, date and gifts. What I plan to give is the following (should not be limited to..)

  1. Engagement Ring
  2. Cloth for Solemnization
  3. Praying mat and Telekong
  4. Chocolates
  5. Cake

Engagement Ring

This could be one of most expensive, priceless and worthless thing you’ll ever buy. When I say worthless, it means there’s no value if I were to resell. Get white gold with diamond as it surely holds the rock (yellow gold is pretty weak). If you’re having problem paying it lump sum, get a credit card to finance it for you. Zero interest for 6 or 12 months. Budget, it’s up to you to fork out how much you’re willing to pay. It’ll start from the price of a netbook all the way to the moon.

Cloth for Solemnization

It consists of two main cloth: 4 meters of satin and 4 meters of chiffon. The one above is too expensive (1k plus) so we got another one. This will be given to her and it’s up to her to get a tailor or do it herself. It’ll be worn during solemnization (majlis nikah). Get lesser beads, it’s easier to work with. Note: Some added bridal lace or net.

Praying mat and Telekong

I have one particular praying mat that I love to use. It’s black and it’s awesome. Although used, I bet she’ll like it. We plan to get telekong around Masjid India area next week.

Chocolates and Cake

Nothing beats Ferrero Rocher, it screams exclusivity although easily available. As for cake.. I think I’ll get muffins provided Cik Kiah is around. If not, I’ll probably have to ask mom what’s appropriate.

I was told by my peers that by tradition, the girl’s side needs to counter my gifts by additional two. Example, if I gave 5, she needs to return 7. That’s a lot.

So that’s it for now. The main thing that you need to know; don’t burden your partner with lavish gifts, it will tie you down in the long run. Spend on things you feel right. After all, it’s not the gifts you’re getting married to.

Step 2.0: Malay Engagement Preparation

After hours of wondering around the same place at Jackel, we concluded this will be her Solemnization cloth. Classic shaped ornaments 🙂

Step 2.0: Malay Engagement Preparation

Another good tip: Get a keen sales helper to sort you out to make things painless. Avoid straight guys at all cost. All they care is making commission. Fortunately, we had Nik to help.

ps: I sense envy from the makcik behind.

pps: Or it’s weird to see people with dSLR at Jackel.


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  1. woweeee lepas ni aku kene follow la blog ni sll.dah ade cerita pasal wedding preps ni aku suke.kekekekeke.

    *aku rs ko kene bawak mini dslr je mcm KR ;p*

  2. Caiyolah NH 🙂

  3. wow.. congrats both of you.. 😀

  4. teruskan menulis until ko dah berjaya kawen ..
    aku still noob psl benda ni .. T__T

  5. Eddy part ni mmg penat, tp berbaloi , percaylah part bila nak nikah and sanding kau mesti flate giler huhuhu, masa tu otak jadi serabut

  6. OOO love the kain you picked. so pretty!

  7. Harap time nak nikah aku tak blur. Gabra siot..

  8. Semua orang noob, walaupun aku saksikan family aku nye engagement

  9. canon digicam.hahaha.kualiti lebih kurg dslr.aku pggil le mini dslr.ngeh

  10. itu kite panggil P&S. dSLR are for control freak, like I am 😛

  11. whatthewhat? ko nak kawen ngan ecah dah ke? heheh.. tatau laa plak.. sibbaik tersinggah harinie..

  12. psstt.. die marah org panggil die ecah. hahha. Yes, Aisyah Rozi, not Aisyah Kama ok?

  13. you guys are cute! hehe.

  14. bila tarikh woi?

  15. oh? i didnt know that you know I dont like ppl calling me ecah. hahah.

  16. it’s Jakel la. JA-KEL. I sorang je kot panggil Jackel. hahalolol

  17. btw i tatau kenapa I rasa jeles nik menggedik dgn u kat blakang tuh ahahahhaha

  18. I’m on of those people who takes tiny details into consideration and completely forgot about the big picture 😛

  19. sila hantarkan kad by-hand. invite ke event facebook tidak diterima. weddingkami maybe boleh consider. haha~

  20. Haram hukumnya menyusahkan orang nak membina masjid, samalah seperti mendirikan rumah tangga.

  21. hmm. nampak cam petanda invite pakai tweet jer nie. haha~

  22. i like this blog,,

    same with u guys i think,,pening nak wat preparation,,

    btw,,best of luck,,share le byk2 lagi ye

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