Step 1.0: Adat Merisik Preparation

In the long list of Malay tradition, there’s one that keeps repeating itself, Malay wedding tradition. Yesterday I went through one of the phase, merisik.

The common question was, should I get a ring? What should I bring? Who else should I invite? What do I need to wear? Answer;

  1. Depends on the girl’s family. Mostly yes.
  2. Something sweet, Ferrero Rocher can never be wrong.
  3. Direct family, father, mother & siblings
  4. Smart casual would suffice.

Anyway, I successfully had mine. Both family seems to be getting along just fine. It turns out, my mom’s cousin was Aisyah’s neighbor. What a small world.

We left home about 2.42 pm. It took dad 25 minutes from Keramat to Sect 7 Shah Alam, no surprise, he’s a speed demon too but generally, I’d say he’s ashamed of being late (it’s a family thing, being on time.)

Now that this is done, I need to buckle up and save for the wedding. Generally I’m happy, but I have to admit, I am freaked out a bit. I mean… I’m getting hitched? Yeah I know, wtf kan? Like all the advises I got, just go with the flow. And so I am.

I guess eventually, I have to shutdown this emo blog as the feeling slowly subsides.

ps: Did you know the gold price is RM 143 per gram? Gile mahal!

pss: Thank you for your wishes 😉

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