Spidey Spoof and Direct Movie Downloads

I’ve been meaning to watch Spidey again, but couldn’t find my soft copy. With a little help from Google, I came across this site.

Downloading a 700mb now takes 6 hours (compare to torrents, which can take a week). There are several options to download from, MegaUpload, Zshare, 2Shared, DepositFiles & many more. For Malaysian region, I’d recommend (in order) 2Shared, MegaUpload & Zshare. The rest would just give you timeout.

While watching Spiderman, I noticed something’s off about this scene.


No wonder Daily Bugle doesn’t want Peter Parker as a full time photographer. He can’t even hold a camera!

ps: Fatihah & Tahlil for the dead = Bida’ah.

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