Spidey Spoof and Direct Movie Downloads

I’ve been meaning to watch Spidey again, but couldn’t find my soft copy. With a little help from Google, I came across this site.

Downloading a 700mb now takes 6 hours (compare to torrents, which can take a week). There are several options to download from, MegaUpload, Zshare, 2Shared, DepositFiles & many more. For Malaysian region, I’d recommend (in order) 2Shared, MegaUpload & Zshare. The rest would just give you timeout.

While watching Spiderman, I noticed something’s off about this scene.


No wonder Daily Bugle doesn’t want Peter Parker as a full time photographer. He can’t even hold a camera!

ps: Fatihah & Tahlil for the dead = Bida’ah.


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  1. Dia ni kidal pasal tu la apa pun mata kau mmg cekap

  2. yg futnote tu..rasa kena byk perbincangan..

    bida’ah hasanah…jawapan yg lebih tepat…

  3. macam mana agaknya dia nak tekan shutter erk!? ha3.

    time dia shot spider web tangan mana!?



  5. πŸ˜€ Macam mana dia nak tekan ‘snap’ tu? Probably dia tak pernah tekan pun! πŸ˜†

  6. tp still bida’ah n bukan bida’ah yg wajib mcm traffic light!

  7. Traffic light pon tak wajib. E.g. pukul 4 pagi, takkan nak tunggu walaupun x de kete? Bahaye, kalau mat rempit lalu pastu hentak cermin? Tak pasal melayang RM200

  8. HAHAHA. Ko suruh abg ko ajar skit peter parker ni

  9. Nak zoom bole la. Nak snap.. mungkin die pakai timer kot?

  10. Web shot tangan kanan. Aku rase die pakai timer πŸ˜›

  11. hmm..x ingt aa plak tuh kire bid’ah hasanah ke wajib ke apetah…
    tp traffic light tuh kan cth dlm buku teks agama islam mase pmr/spm dulu…
    the existence of traffic light, peraturan jln raye tuh kan perlu ade utk keselamatan masyarakat…mcm bace yasin or tahlil tuh x perlu..

  12. uniqueocean pun boleh dload 1-2jam siap!

  13. Perhaps Peter Parker is a left-handed guy and never knew how a camera works πŸ˜€ teehee, nice spot!

  14. If Peter Parker is a lefty, he’d spin his web using his left hand, not right πŸ˜›

  15. eh tp citer spidey akoo xpasti ade ke tak
    uniqueocean.com cuba torai!

  16. Kamera untuk orang kidal ada lah.. …

  17. LOL πŸ˜€
    ni salah director sbb ta check btol2..

  18. yep. if you notice, there’s a number of drama n movies, where the actor/actress don’t know how to handle a DSLR camera.

    for peter, he uses timer and remote control while he’s in action as spiderman! haha

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