Spell It Right

The name is EDDIE.

Not EDY.


Not EDI.


Not ADI.


If you’re just unsure, stick to EDWIN.

You don’t have to remember how many ex-es I’ve had, whom I’m dating, nor what car I drive. Just remember to spell my name right. It’s only 5 letters. If you can’t even remember that, what’s the point of having a giant professor brain like yours?

ps:  It’s about respect.

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46 thoughts on “Spell It Right”

  1. hang ni marah kat sapa ni weh? hahaha..
    ni marah ke merajuk? awatnya? awek baru buat hal

    itu la.. mak suh kawin cepat-cepat tak maw.
    kan dah… *tetiber~

  2. *test komen kat layout baru..hehe*

    aku xkisah org lupa/silap sebut nama aku..sbb aku pon xberapa igt nama org..so it’s a win-win situation (lose-lose?)..hehe

  3. ok la beb…at least bunyi still sama lagi kan..cth cam aku…YAM, kalau salah eja letak A atau BA kat depan…tak ker lain sangat bunyi n maksud nyer

  4. Selamat subuh.

    Kak Jie, kalau orang macam baru2 kenal, boleh dimaafkan lagi. Ini 5 tahun duduk bersama. Pahit maung bersama, training tgh hujan sesame, kene rotan ustaz sesame, tapi still tak igt camne nak eje nama kawan? Kecik hati..

  5. Kalau name aku tak suke, terus tak layan. Panggil la sejuta kali pon, aku buat tatau je. Tapi usually aku ejek je die balik, sampai die blushing maut. Hukum Qisas.

  6. ok ERDIE. heh.

    It may seem that everyone’s not sharing the same brain and ideology as I am, in the end its how we understand logic. Forgive. :p

  7. peace be upon you, Mr. Eddie. just wanna say, i like the cartoon at the top right side of your site. ps : dark is cool. 😉

  8. annoying la jugak. i’ve known 3 edys. each with different spelling. tapi rasanya tak penah plak salah spelling kot? guess that’s how i differentiate all three of them. haha

  9. oh oh alamak sorry eddie i forgot to include you. hahah. and the one i’m dating now is an edy too. hahaha. wow 5 edys. that’s a lot. still, all with different spelling. wow

  10. u mean my name = eldy ? so weird right ? .. actually ppl only call me eldy when @ internet, nobody know me is eldy when come to real life .. My real name of cos it is sux so I named myself = eldy

    eldy = LD, did u sense tat ever ? LD = my idol short form name .. try to guess who is HE .. heheheheheh

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