SP: Phewit Celcom Broadband!

My office blocks Facebook and only allows YouTube browsing during lunch hours (which is awkward, lunch hour go out to eat la, why open YouTube?). On top of super slow network, I think working at a cafe with wifi is much faster than this. That defeats the purpose of going to office.

Anyway, Celcom recently repacked its broadband. The revamped plan comes with larger quota and faster downloading speed. Now it comes with Unlimited Music Download via Celcom Musicube.

To get your music fix, go to Celcom Musicube and download the software (no Mac version :( )

Celcom is also throwing it limited edition MTV World Stage (I wanted to go when All American Reject was in town, unfortunately, it was my brother’s wedding). Bundle that with additional 1Gb of download quota, the No 1. Mobile Broadband provider is way ahead of competition in terms of pricing and availability.

ps: Macs can’t use the USB dongle (as far as I know), but MiFi works best as alternative 😉


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wuiiihhh… SP memanjang… bak sket SP. Celcom tak kasik aku pon. lol~

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Kreuger wrote on August 21, 2011 #1

bro, this applies to existing Celcom BB plan? as of now, my gf is using Celcom BB Lite package..

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paskal wrote on September 4, 2011 #2

celcom bb bleh guna kat handphone tak? ke modem je?

btw selamat pengantin baru.

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Izzat Aziz wrote on September 11, 2011 #3

Leave a comment, I won't bite ;)

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