SP: I Need A New Phone for 2012

Ushering in the 2012, I had the epiphany of buying a new gadget to replace my 2 year old HTC, which has been a humble and helpful servant. The future for me is Android. I guess it’s natural to stick to the same phone OS.

Samsung Galaxy S II is the way to go. I believe the spec and buzz word around it speaks for itself. I’m pretty sure most tech geek would agree with me (excuse the Apple fans of course). It has large screen display, thin and light, most importantly very durable as I have the tendency to throw my phone when anger strikes (not really).

Watch the video for some of the features.

If you travel a lot, surely Samsung Galaxy SII with meet you lifestyle.

This is one funny video depicting the winner of a deal using Russian Roulette. Pretty sure I’ve played with the app before, but never stored them for long. Anyway, it as hell it’ll be helpful to kill boredom or when having get togethers.

For more video go to official micro site http://bit.ly/tswIEW


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agree .. best pakai phone ni :)

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sam replied #1

how abt galaxy note?

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odin88 wrote on November 27, 2011 #1

Leave a comment, I won't bite ;)

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