SP: Celcom iPhone 4 is Finally Here

Ever felt like changing operators because you want an iPhone? But you don’t really want to, because you kinda hate uncertainties. Well, this changes everything.

Today, Celcom is launching the iPhone4, including the white model exclusively for Celcom Users. I’m sure you all know what can iPhone 4 do, so let’s not waste time stating the obvious.

What differentiates Celcom between other telco is the data plan and FREE insurance. The plan is as follows:

The Plan + iPhone. So if you want Exec i98 for 12 months, you’d have to pay RM 1,438 for the iPhone 4 and so forth. The longer you stretch your contract, the cheaper the iPhone gets πŸ™‚

As for the FREE insurance I said earlier, it’s 12 months against attended theft, accidental breakage and liquid damage (jatuh jamban while playing Angry Birds waiting for your poo-poo?). This only applies to i248 plan. For more info, visit the official Celcom website at celcom.com.my/iphone.

ps: I will be attending the launch at Menara Celcom at 10 am 5th May πŸ™‚

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