SP: Behold the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

For months I’ve been waiting for this to hit our shores, the wait is now over.

Few weeks back I was summoned by Samsung and Celcom to drop by at their office and to get a hold of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Seriously, it’s drop dead gorgeous. It definitely beats the junk out of other android tablets.

If you’re looking forward for me to compare Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 against iPad2, I suggest you look elsewhere. The whole purpose of having a tablet is a substitute for mobile computing with some mobility. So between Android and iOS, it’s like saying “same shit different day”.

The unit handed to us was the 3G version. I didn’t check the space it had because I had no idea how to. The unit wasn’t meant to be brought home, at least not that day. (I actually have one in my hand right now :P)

Ok, maybe a little comparison, the right is a product of a fruit company and the left is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Beaten marginally by 1mm (at least to the naked eye). Very nice piece of engineering.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is well proportioned and uniform in size. Unlike some tablets, they kinda have nasty curves and doesn’t feel right. The screen ratio is 16:9 somewhat pleasing if you plan on using it as your entertainment hub.

There’s a few accessories lined up already for the tablet, a very optimistic and confident move.

Final words, Celcom will be bringing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to our shore. As for the launching date, I guess it’ll be shortly after Raya. I hope it doesn’t happen on the day I’m getting married. I’m not going to line up with tanjak on my head and keris in my waist.

ps: Macbook Air update, left palm feels a little numb due to heat. I guess it’s why I prefer desktop than laptops.

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