Some Stupid Ass

Fist fights? Nigguh please, you sound as intimidating as my 7 year old cousin. Please stop talking about shit you know shit about, rebranding KFC? WTF were you thinking? There’s a reason why you’ll never own a company as big as KFC. Stay be a pissed-off blogger, rant all you want, nobody cares.
p/s: FUCK YOU!

Yeah, I get hate mails like this often.

Oh well. Stupid ass could never engage in a fist fight. Too weak and coward, so they call names and remain anonymous. Pondan kot.

ps: Long days ahead.


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  1. awak cool 🙂

  2. F you too

  3. knpa i dpt email ada komen baru tp masuk tade?

  4. Dia emo gaban.

  5. pergh.. dapat ‘F’ bomb tu..

  6. Is this the same person commented on your post on boycotting Israel? Vinnan?

  7. Fist fights? Anytime 🙂 We can’t fight with pussies with no name right? 😀 😀

  8. I dont think so. They’re anonymous, which makes it hard to detect.

  9. Literally fist fight. Pussies fight with their kitty.

  10. perkh… fist fight dgn pussies?? baru jadik fisting hahahahhaha

  11. this guy mesti lonely takde keje, most likely pondan like u said 😛

  12. They are typical examples of cowards who can only hide shamefully beneath the cloak of anonymity offered by the Internet, heheh 😀

    Well, at least he saves the F-word for the post-script, hah!

    To that John Doe behind the email: This is NH’s blog, of course he can rant all his want, dumbo.

  13. HAHAHA pussy fight with kitty! I LOLed so hard I fell off the chair. Nice one 😀

  14. aritu aku ada komen 2 bijik kat sini.. apesal x masuk yerk…?

  15. Khai, aku tau ko gile traffic. Tapi aku benci name yg kau tinggalkan. Selalu aku delete je, tade masuk spam box.

  16. mak oi.. kejamnye.. ok takpelah kalau camtu 😆

  17. But someone said we can track them through their id no.

  18. hehe…
    wajarkah aku bilang tahniah kerana telah mendapat hate-mail sebegitu?
    sebenarnya aku sendiri sudah agak bosan dapat hate-mails yg bukan2 sebegitu.
    buat donno sudeyh…

  19. kentaki so big company meh? mcd leh? mcd oso same.
    takpa, mungkin dia sedih sebab harini ada org hina ayam kentaki fav dia. hehe.

  20. anak sapa la tuh….hehe silap
    shud be blogger manalah tuh… hehe 🙂

  21. yeah pondans…
    takde k**e tu yang die segan nak expose diri die…
    stay cool NH… 😀

  22. hahah. that’s just pathetic.

  23. ahh just ignore them. such a loser, kalau berani sangat tak payah la nak anonymous

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