Some Deserves a Spank

It was Friday night, the start of the weekend. A short trip to golf and karaoke for me.

There was A, F, N, P and K at the karaoke. After screaming our emotions and unloading mental stress (that has been accumulated throughout the whole week), we find ourselves rejoicing our throat at a mamak stall nearby. Everyone looked tired and worn out. It was a great 3 hour session.

As we sat, P called the mamak to clean up the table and get our orders. No one entertained P. Poor P.

Soon, F called upon the mamak. He came and took our orders but didn’t clean up.

N, called for clean up. No response.

A, reminded them to clean up. Nada action.

After 10-15 minutes, the mamak delivered our drinks but have yet to clean up our table. By then, I was already done with my char keow teoy. Four efforts was done to get the mamak moving, sadly. It came to my turn to lube some gears. Ehem ehem, as I clear my throat.


Serves them right for being unhygienic.

ps: I define myself as collected and generally calm. I will always try to maintain polite no matter what. But sometimes, I need to address it differently. Hence the yelling.

pss: Have you heard what happened to my badminton racquet?

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