Single But Not Available

Remember the 3 stooges? Apparent 2 left. 3 cousins, childhood friends. Ad, Ak and Ed.


Last week Ad stunned me when he told me he’s getting engaged that weekend. I was rather puzzled with his decision. 3 weeks before, it was another story. I’m not a big fan of surprises, much like horror films. It oozes adrenaline hormone unnecessarily when it’s actually preserved for fist fights or chased by stray dogs.

I was over dressed. Baju Melayu, spiky hairdo and glasses with nerdy look.

I sat at the corner, listening intently to the discussion. It was rather boring. The spokesperson was too stoned. He was like Najib, giving his speech, word by word as if people were too slow to absorb. If it wasn’t because of the hot weather, I’d lean against the wall and be on my way to slumberland.

The next day, was Bye’s wedding. Before we reached the destination, Ad’s mom, my aunt, walks up to me.

Ni Ed, orang semalam tanye, kamu tu ade vacancy tak?”

Out of many words in the world, why vacancy? I’m not a hotel with 315 rooms!! Anyway, that isn’t the point here. It’s whether I’m available or not.

We all know the answer to that question. Sadly, no.

I gave my heart to someone a few weeks ago. Much to my despair it wasn’t reciprocated. But I’m a big boy, I know how to handle my emotional state and it’s only natural to wish them good luck in the future. For the moment, let me dwell in this feeling a little longer ok?

Besides, I am very sure I want to marry a doctor. Very very sure.

ps: It’s good to know, I still have a price tag :$:

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