Side Step Gone Wrong

Urgh, my waist hurts like bitch.


credit: Rugby-Pioneer

It’s been awhile since I last played rugby (or touch rugby). I’ve already hung by boots long ago, except several occasions like MCOBA above 35. Last weekend, I needed to break a sweat, to blow some steam off.

The first day was still ok. I did a few runs, a few feints and a few try-s. But it does ache when I got back home. I thought it’s just a simple shock that can be healed overnight.

The second day got worse. But I could still do a few dashes.

Today, it’s dreadful. I think I tore my back again. It happened before when I was tackled by the legendary ‘nenek’ back in 2000. I was sidelined for 2 months!

Anyway, the regular starts spewing words like, “You’re like an old man”. It’s useless to explain to them the physics behind running. I kept my thoughts to myself. As much as I’d like to deny, I have to admit I am an old man. Physically 26 years old, but mentally 17.

I guess I have to start acting my age and reserve myself. There are bigger things in life that is important. And professional sports is definitely out of the question.

Let’s just hope painkillers can do the trick.

ps: Kalau aku tau macam ni sakit die, baik aku main dam lawan computer.

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