Shampoo & Wall Street

It was 6 pm, the movie Wall Street starts in 40 minutes, I decided to do some personal care shopping.

“Bee, jom dinner,” AR was already making funny face, she hungry.

“Ok, ok. Let me pick a shampoo first.” She looked at me and Okay-ed.

Another 25 minutes passed by and I’m still looking for the shampoo. It can really be a tedious task when there’s a huge rack filled with shampoos. I was still undecided. I blamed the way-too-good choice of colors they used for packaging.

“We only have 15 minutes, mane sempat dinner…” she looked disappointed.

“Go pick anything from that shelve and we’ll have it in the cinema”, again she okay-ed. If there’s one thing that I appreciate about AR, is that she complains but she doesn’t complain about me.

5 minutes before the movie starts, AR stood next to me with 2-3 snacks in her hand. “My dad uses this,” she pointed. She already gave up the idea of dining before movie. I didn’t want to make her wait, so took one and paid.

On the way to cinema, I realized, I spent way too much time looking for a shampoo when in actuality her tummy should be prioritized. I do feel guilty but we had a great dinner after the lame ass Wall Street (seriously, I was struggling not to fall asleep). The only thing that got me awake was when AR asks me questions.

What’s point of this post? 2 things. Wall Street is such a lame movie. Download it, don’t watch it. Another, hmm, I like the shampoo that I got and it’s the one she suggested 🙂

ps: Will post about my trip to Taman Negara once I transfer the photos.


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  1. Bee… Tak semayang maghrib ke?

  2. alolololo ..
    so suwittttttt

  3. thanks for the info dude, was wondering whether i should go watch that movie with my better half.

  4. halah… halah.. halah… mbuahaha.. kasik gua gelak dulu ah.. dah lame tak menyakat kat sini. pheww… nak memahamkan daria tas sampai bawah. haha.

    kire lu ni dalam hati ada bapak punye taman jugak la eh… harap cakap jer brutel ar.. muke je ganazz tapi jiwang boleh cair nyahhh..

    eh bro, lu tak citer pon lu pickup shampoo ape?

  5. awww so sweet.haha.kadang2 lelaki mmg lagi lama cari brg dr perempuan okkkkk.nasib baik xtgk wall street.ramai yg ckp cerita tu agak bosan dan buat org ngantuk..heeeeee

  6. Bee.. takkan semua detail nak tulis kot?

  7. Ko kalau sakat.. mmg gengster habis. Aku rase dlm setiap lelaki ada taman babylon.

  8. Bosan sangat2. Shea LE Bouf pon.. bukan mcm die, or character tak masuk. Revenge die pon BODO tahap gaban. Pendek kate, jgn lah abes kan duit.

  9. By the way, congrats on being blogger of the month!

  10. morale ; kalau susah nak buat pilihan lagi, sila minta AR tolong decide kan… 🙂

    save time. time is more valuable than money, kan? at least that was said in that lame WS.

  11. I sorang je like. haha.

  12. it’s shia, Shia LaBeouf ok! haha

  13. So true.. time is a commodity, everyone wants it but very limited resource. 🙂

  14. Takkan I nak like post I sendiri.. weirdo~ haha

  15. you ARE a weirdo

  16. ed,

    wall street yang first, kau tengok? aku tak tengok lagi money never sleep ni. tapi, yang first tu, bagi aku, menarik.

    ayat terakhir tu, takkan nak menambah lagi garam di luka kot.

    makanya, jadilah ayat, ‘i like the shampoo that i got and it’s the one she suggested’


  17. hoho, pilih jer yang paling murah.. haha, kalo aku bee ko, dah lama aku clash.. haha, pilih shampoo pun lama.. sibbaik bee ko swit2 gitu..

  18. Hahaha siot! Murah nanti rambut gugur banyak bro. Nampak botak, tak steam la plak.

  19. Yg first tu.. aku tak pernah lagi. Tp kali mmg aku sure aku tak blur.

  20. Ooohhhhh…. ‘Blur’nya aku….

    I was thinking apa benda la Wall Street has anything to do with you (and a shampoo).

    Rupanya Wall Street itu adalah movie. Duuhhhh~ (my eyes unintentionally left the word ‘movie’ out in the first line.)

  21. Dah jadi macam filem Melayu plak. Promo gempak, cerita macam taik!

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