Selamat Hari Raya from NH

I guess it’s not too late to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya!


Since we celebrated with just two of us, we were pretty much free to do any pose we’d like 🙂

To be really frank, I’m not a Raya person. I love the month before, Ramadhan. I feel so serene and cleansed during the fasting month. It’s the only time of year where we could see strong muslims every night performing terawih. Naturally, I’d hate what comes next after Ramadhan.

Raya is usually tooted as month of forgiving, which again I disagree. When you did harm or caused a ruckus, seek forgiveness immediately. Don’t wait till Raya to do that because you might not reach the next one.

Raya is a month of gathering. Hey, you don’t need a reason to gather. Have some makan-makan at your place every now and then. My schoolmates love having people over for makan-makan. It’s one of those time where we could catch up besides facebook-ing or whatsapp-ing.

Raya is a month of makan. I share a complex relationship with rendang, the love and hate. Love it because it tastes awesome, hate it because of the calorie. Also the time of year we gain the most.

Anyway, my family arrived from umrah on the first day of Raya. My dad woke me up from my evening slumber to fetch his new ride. The one he bought before he left for umrah. I love how he thinks about fast-cool cars. “Buy them because you want to be in your best when meeting God”. He’s a regular at the mosque. Fast cars helps to get there quickly and cool ones, not to show off, but be of best appearance. It’s like going out on date, you don’t wear crap.


I was also fortunate enough to make some memories with a Ferrari 😀


This Ramadhan has taught be a lot, but if there’s one thing I’d like share is, frequent the mosque. It completely changes my perspective on how I see the world. InsyaAllah it’ll be beneficial to you too.

ps: I’ll be sharing with you on some of our progress with the Kebab. Wait for it ok? 🙂

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