Say No to BN’s 50 Years of Success


This is a lazy post.

I got these images from a forwarded email. I wanted to post it a, but I don’t think I should be sharing my views there.

I’m sure these images tell a lot about BN.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. wow! i have no comment on this. hehe~

  2. no one is 100% perfect. i am not saying this cus i am pro to BN or what but this is real what.. =)

    nono’s last blog new toy

  3. nono, if youre into econs, i think you get the bigger picture. no pun intenteded eh 👿

    you probably haven’t start paying stuff with your money (mostly parents kan?) when you do nanti, monitor your expenditure, nak ave duit pon susah laa skang.

  4. but we must always strive for perfection right nono? 🙂 these are not minor imperfections, more like purposely done to scam the rakyat. nono, when you are out and start working, you will know 🙂

  5. Entahlah, nak cakap susah, tanak cakap pun susah. BN = Barang Naik, BA = ???

    Agak2 kalo aku undi BA, harga barang turun tak? Minyak turun tak? Tol turun tak?

    Persoalan sebegitu sering bermain di fikiranku yang separa matang ini.

    P/s: Jangan chop aku ni pro BN. Aku cuma meminta pendapat… 🙂

    ImamKhalid’s last blog post..Antara parti dan SPR: Siapa yang kotor?

  6. harga barang akan terus naik, tp yang paling penting, kalau dah barang naik, make sure la gaji pon naik. kurang2 adekan minimum wage :up:

  7. Malaysia still occupied with people that are compleasant with current government. We are not realize that the issue bring by the party is very critical to the selection of government. We will think that if opposition governed the country, Malaysia could be left behind especially in development. While we not taking over all the corruption and conflict of interest prcaticed by the leader in party we call status quo. I’m very frustrated when I went to “bilik gerakan BN” was occupied with contractors. Is it BN own by contractor? or contractor own BN? fikirla sendiri ye..
    Please visit tvpas for further info ,

    I’m not pro PAS or BN…

  8. I am on the BA site but not PKR nor PAS nor DAP 👿

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