Say Hello to Macbook Air

It’s been years since I wanted a Mac, and I finally got one. I’m still exploring on how to fully utilize this piece of machinery especially with the Lion OS X. The love and hate relationship between the Mac and me is actually the learning curve. By the way, I got the Macbook Air 11″. I like the tiny form factor with decent performance.

Using Pixelmator. Almost similar to Photoshop.

There’s a few thing missing in the Macbook Air;

  1. “End” and “Home” button. These are really useful for me.
  2. There’s no real delete. In Windows, you have Back Space and Delete, both different function.
  3. Getting used to multi touch scrolling. Still teaching myself.
  4. Very small fonts. It’s kinda straining to the eyes despite the resolution.
  5. Disorientation of storing and accessing files.
  6. Small 128Gb hard disk space.
  7. Fan is loud if you put it on your lap.
  8. There are way… toooo… many short cuts.

I think I’ll write more when I can fully gather my thoughts. For now, let’s think about how to pay for this baby. Hahaha

ps: I’ve got a review unit of Galaxy Tab 10.1, who wants to touch? LOL

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