Sambutan Hari Valentine Adalah Haram!

Sambutan Hari Valentine Adalah Haram!

Kalau JAKIM dah kata haram, janganlah sambut.

This is not about conservative or up-open minded or katak bawah tempurung. This about faith. But you want to show appreciation to your love ones, don’t do it on one specific day. Do it daily!

ps: I got my ticket to Melbourne in May! It’s only RM800 for an 8 hour flight. Can’t wait to rekindle with my wife 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Sambutan Hari Valentine Adalah Haram!”

  1. kan dah kata haram.. ada jugak macam2 alasan keluar dari pihak tertentu.. nak jugak bagi boleh.. huhu..

    # congrats for the ticket. hehe. waiting the time to rekindle with mine too this weekend. emosi gak duk jauh2 ni.. huhu (X____X)

  2. During that time, Melbourne will be in winter. Make sure you bring lots of thick coat. Hopefully you will have an enjoyable holiday

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