Sakit Kaki, Sakit Badan.

Rugby Field DimensionMy feet sores. I guess I’ve been pushing my aging limbs to extreme.

I finally made it, the half-field rugby conversion.

I’m so proud of myself.

ps: Yes, this is boasting post.


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  1. Ada versi kecik sikit tak untuk punya ikon kat blog?

  2. haha…giler gempak dah mengalahkan Kri ’97 dah nii..

  3. I’ll get back too you soon ok. Now, tonnes of work to be done.

  4. hoho quite long time not playing rugby. maybe right now pancit already.

    but rugby is my favorite games as was as rugby player in school.

  5. fuiyoh, makin sihat pok!

  6. Giler half-field tuuu! Tahniah, berbaloi arr sakit kaki. Kalau aku mau patah tulang belakang…

  7. er… I pun sakit badan semalam. tp tu sbb ganas sangat. heh 🙄

  8. half field rugby conversion? Hmm you were once a player and you will be a player. hehehe. 👿

  9. how old are you megat? You can play touch rugby once in a while. I dont play real-rugby anymore. Only touch rugby. Less contact, more running and definitely more thinking!

  10. nak patah gak la kaki.. hari2 angkat besi berat gune kaki. 10kg, naik turun.. nak patah keting.

  11. sebab u kurus sgt kot? kalau tembam tak sakit. Hahaha

  12. 31 yrs old. already 5 yrs not touch the rubgy ball. really miss that moment

    ps – can u guide me to configure the comment reply plugin?

  13. sure can help you.. got Instant messaging?

  14. Rugby is extremely physically demanding (a few of my college classmates were in it so it’s obvious how tired they are the day after the match)… 😀 but at least you got a great body workout!

  15. megatdotnet[at] thanks!

  16. keting tu apa ya?? ❗

    Time to click the clickies …. hehehe .. my clickies are all over the place, too lazy (or rather dunno how) to arrange everything nicely as you did 😛

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