Sailing School For Malaysia

I am utterly upset with Pak Lahs’ decision to build a sailing school. In his recent comment, he told The Star newspaper,

the proposed school would be of international standard and would churn out professional sailors

Halo boss, there’s a lot of things you can do for Terengganu with that money. You probably think that this is something like F1. And by building a sailing school, you think you can help the locals. Well you’re wrong! You’ll only introduce inflations!

Are you ignoring the locals’ needs? or desperate to find a parking space for your USD8mil yacht? I wonder who will get the project, since its under “transportation”.

Pak Lah, why do you keep on spending our precious tax money vulgarly. I know we need to win back foreign investors, but this is not the only way. Pak Lah… oh sorry, you’re still sleeping.



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  1. cool gila blogbaru kau ni!!! =)

  2. told you kan, blogspot limited gile. this time around byk lg bende aku bole buat 😉

  3. cool bro!!!! gile jeles aku tgk..makin bertambah cun blog ko..

  4. aku jealous dgn content ko lg 😉

  5. woiii!! aku pun jeles gak tgk blog ko ni. hehe~

  6. can i you on a tour around the world? haha

  7. cis.. ko pon tade blog..

  8. ko tanye la pak lah bile blk kg nanti. aku tak minat naik2 bot ni. kot2 ade jaws, tak pasai je.

  9. this should be good…our citizen do not see why not open for malaysian sailing school…it is costly to learn…rm3000 for now. Our marine industry need malaysian to buy more water transportation…So, this is why all around south east asia laugh at us..for our marine industry…u should be blog..pak lah yacht look so old fashion..if you compare to azimut,burger or other yacht.or maybe pershing 72.

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