Saiful Not Sodomised, Doctor Reports

How bizarre can this be? Dr Mohamed Osman reported Saiful wasn’t a sodomise victim after all. Saiful can now go to hell (for the sins he committed).

Sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW,
“Tidak akan masuk syurga tukang-tukang fitnah” – al hadis.

Here’s the proof

Pusrawi 1Pusrawi 2

Dr Mohamed Osman was detained for 3 days after refusing to change his report. His whereabouts now is still unknown (running away from the police).

What a drama. No Malaysian producer/script writer could ever craft a show like this.

Saiful was not sodomised, he’s fucked!

ps: Could this be ‘doa orang teraniaya‘?

pss: Dr Mohamed Osman, you’re the man!

psss: Oh yeah doctor, could you please improved your handwriting. It helps a lot to know a doctor performing operation or anus check up has steady hand. Hahaha, kelakar shit   ❗

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