Safuan Hilmi: Poyo Nak Mampus Okay!

Why do people fuck each other when it comes to politic?

It’s ok to have disagreements, but there should be a limit to something as PBUH denotes in one of his famous quote as part of “sifat-sifat munafik”. He said, “apabila ia bergaduh, ia berlebih-lebihan”. So what has it got to do with the pic above? Well, here’s the snapshot from his Facebook.

Isn’t that a threat? And here’s his user profile.

What a stupid dumb fuck. Guess what? He was arrested.

It’s because people like these, I’m not too proud of being a Malay. Hence why I prefer to be called a Javanese. At least I know where I stand although not very tall.

ps: Ukur baju di badan sendiri.

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