Run Fat Boy Run!

I’ve read somewhere eons ago, 28 years old is Men’s optimal physique.

Strangely enough, I find that quite true.

For starters, I’m aggressively gaining back my speed, the kind of speed I had when I was 17. Was it the rigorous badminton training? Perhaps or science has proven it to be that way? I don’t know. But I do know, I can actually move quicker than before. My golf has progressed so much that some how I find it boring to hit the 50 meter board.

Anyway, I have an imaginary life goal list (I’m sure you do too). One of it, is to join a 42 km marathon. It sounds fucking insane, but I guess, I should give it a try.

Now finding the right running shoes is a big deal. Most running shoes looks vulgar if not ugly. I was struggling finding the one that fits exactly like my sprinting shoes, feather weight, snugs comfortably and most importantly, STRIKING (a sign of confidence) !

Stores after stores, my frequent visits has probably made me the mayor on FourSquare. But still, I couldn’t find any. I do pity my fiance, as I dragged her into the battle within.

So, after 102,315 visits. I settled for a much affordable Yellow Power shoes compared to other brands, that were made in China or Indonesia but had poor workmanship gluing the sole properly. It’s not worth throwing RM200 – RM 500 for another Asics Kayano and get stolen again.

It also struck me when I stood in front of the mirror. I have flabby tummy!

ps: Taken using new 3rd party flash. Love how it behaves 🙂

pps: No, I’m not running for Digi or wearing a Yellow jump suit.

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