Roti Canai Phobia

Nothing better than a teh tarik and a roti canai to start your day.


I went to my normal coffee shop. I ordered a Malaysian typical breakfast, roti telur and teh tarik. I dig in while it was still hot. Dipped in curry, I slipped a small piece in my mouth. It melted like butter on toast. The steam oozes out, reaching for the sky.


I spit out the piece. It tasted horrible, way off the typical roti telur I knew. I picked up the plate and held it close to my nose. Yup, it’s rotten egg.

I complained and was offered another plate. I declined, paid and left.

Since then, I haven’t had roti canai (& it’s family) and kinda wondered how it tastes like. Thanks to that coffee shop, I’ve just introduced myself another phobia, roti telur other than deep sea diving.

Fact: A roti canai contains more fat than a nasi lemak.

Which reminded me of one peribahasa I created when I used to love baking. “Kerana telur sebiji, rosak bancuhan kek coklat“.

So what’s the best way to start your day? A pack of Biskut Tiger and soya bean.

ps: Selamat Malam semua (8 am)

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