Ron 95 To Increase Next Month?

Is the government/cabinet stupid or what? With over 50 ministers & deputies and you can’t figure this out? In the end, you’ll let some Presiden Persatuan tell us a hike in fuel price. Ron 95 to increase from RM 1.90 to RM 2.05.

The minister like to compare us with our neighboring partner, of course we’re cheaper BECAUSE WE FUCKING HAVE OIL IN OUR TERRITORY! If you want to compare that too, why not the tax implied on imported cars? Our neighbors don’t have it. Yet we’re succumbed to buying el-cheapo Proton and Perodua that turtles and can’t roll down windows after 3 months installment.

Seriously, I can’t emphasize this any further, we are protecting 30,000 jobs over 20 million people? Seriously? Dungu sial. Proton has been shielded for 25 years. I don’t see other companies get treated the same way.

As for the subsidy for IPP, it’s said that RM 29 billion was paid out to generate cheaper power for us. How about this, take out all the subsidy, let businesses pay a premium rate than citizens. This will force employers to be more GREEN and learn to cut cost.

What really doesn’t make sense is, who are we paying the subsidies to? Petronas for mining oil? No, they are like bangla collecting durians. The petrol station? No, bangla delivers durian to them, they act like tokey. So who do we pay? Appreciate if someone knowledgeable to enlighten me.

ps: Been catching up on reading. iPad is so much fun, but iTune bloody hell sucks.


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  1. would really like to know the answer to your question too…

  2. naik harga lg? masya-Allah…

  3. good lah like this! F big time.

  4. Haven’t you heard? But now, they are contemplating, fuel hike or electricity, both are unfair.

  5. I think it’s considered as ‘lost of profit’. Hence kire as subsidi.

  6. baca buku Robert Kiyosaki ‘conspiracy of the rich’.. ko paham apsal kerajaan duk backup proton cam sial camtue.. pastu ko nampaklaa apsal kerajaan bleh buat tindakan yang tak masuk akal.. siyes.. baca jer buku tue…

  7. DPM: “The government will become unpopular among the citizen of Malaysia after this decision is made, but popularity is not what we’re looking for. We’re looking for a better future for the people, so that they will not be burden by worse consequences due to excessive subsidies.”

    The greatest WTF quote.

  8. Stupid fuck. Ayat mudah to gov, jgn boros.

  9. Tak bace pon, aku rase aku paham kot. Mmg nak protect interest. Tp dah 25 tahun, jgnlah bebalkan orang lain.

  10. Even without Proton, the 30,000 jobs will still be there coming from foreign car manufacturers setup here, look at Thailand, Detroit of Asia. When I went to Bangkok and Indonesia I see ordinary people driving good quality Japanese cars, here Malaysians are stuck with sub-standard cars where no one in the world wants. Even the protons they export are cheaper and of higher quality. Takpe, we increase tariff plus AP, we sell to the public. High cost of R&D, takpe, rebadge je. Magical.

  11. semoga subsidi dihapuskan supaya org kita belajar bersyukur dengan nikmat yg ada skrg… 🙂

  12. Terkontang kanting laa org kampung.

  13. OMG! manusia mana yang komen guna nama, email dan url website aku tu? =.=’ come on la brader..

  14. Byk musuh ni. Takut next time die korek maybank2u ko plak. Hahaha

  15. Ekeke.. takpe mungkin dia nak mengingatkan aku ntuk jenjalan kat blog ni.. hehe.. apa khabar saudara Noktah Hitam? Ada sihat? Awek sihat? hehe.. * peace *

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