Resume in Info Graphic Format

As part of my ‘do something’ initiative for this year, I want to update my resume.

Mine has always been the boring-lengthy-chest-thumping type that goes on and on, explaining to people I do everything in the office, when in actual fact, I just fix the damn coffee machine or pretend to understand in a meeting by nodding every 5 minutes. Anyway, I see resume as a brochure, a mean of selling services. So it better be darn attractive.

I designed mine using Adobe InDesign, it works almost like Illustrator. Before I start, I made sure I have every thing in place. I’d like to use what I call the “explode-implode” method. This is where I write everything down to the best detailed form, then remove all the noise and lastly, polish the information over and over until I can’t. (Math uses the same technique for algebra)

The tricky bit is getting the graphs right. Through several trial error, I finally completed mine and this is the result.

I hope this inspires you. Good luck in making your resume and job application.


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