Read My Blog, You Ignorant Brat!

It’s typical for me to hang out with my friends from yesteryear, the last time I saw him was before Ramadhan. So I’m pretty much updated about ‘his’ life (yeah, it was always about him, nothing else).

Him: Bro, did you know that xxx did xxx to me?
NH: No.
Him: Don’t you read my blog?
NH: No.

He looked at me, probably thinking of some ways to get me excited about his blog.

Him: Why don’t you?
NH: Because it’s boring.

Him: Boring? Most of my colleague finds it interesting and..
NH: They’re just being nice to you.

Him: If it’s boring, then why am I getting about 100 hits daily? I bet you don’t get as much as I do.
NH: Yeah, I get about half of yours (sarcastic tone).

Him: I designed everything on my own and my English is through the roof.

By then I was already checking out the chicks sitting next to us.

There’s this special feeling I reserve for my besties, I can’t be entirely truthful to them. Because if I did, they’d probably stop lurking me in the middle of the night to get a sip teh tarik. Besides, I’m kind enough to save them from me. Overly protective from myself? In a way, yeah.

As egoistic as I can be, I really wanted to save his face, until…

Him: NoktahHitam? I read everything and think it’s crap. Mine is a lot better.

He really got me on my nerve. My blog is one of the things I held dear. I met new friends. Created alliance. Shared ideas. Spread lies… what gives him the right for him to shoot me down like that?

Thankfully, I remained composed. Grinning from ear to ear, knowing a sucker punch is heading his way.

NH: I date girls from my blog, have you?

That pretty much shuts him up. Thank you.

ps: UPSR tomorrow! Good luck kids!


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  1. hahaha kene kaw2 kwn ko dengan ayat last tuh… sian dia.. erm nampak mcm dia bangga sgt ngan blog dia.. ada org mcm tuh eh..

  2. Silap tekan butang, sape suruh?

  3. hey NH! still remember me?
    m back in msia oready, this time m back for good~;)
    lama tak parking sini, had been in kampungs for the last 5months, susah mau online

  4. jap, name ID aku jadi kill-vearn plak yg atas ni?huhuhu

  5. Although you are not phenomenal nor out of ordinary, I do remember you (joking je ek).

    So dr ABAW, how’s the wedding preparation? I hear congratulations is in order? Well, congrats to you Doc.

    ps: Best cuti?

  6. preparation’s still in progress
    ternyata nak nikah tu xsenang, hahaha~
    btw, how u doin?

  7. setiap kali komen baru disubmit, komen sebelumnya takkan kelihatan dan avatar pada komen kita akan diganti ngan avatar pengkomen sebelumnya.. tu yang ainwahid kata.. tapi pas refresh, ia akan oke balik.. u should notice it NH..

  8. Oh! Aku gune admin nye account, tak yah isi borang. Nanti aku check okie 😉

  9. yang aku pasti, kalau kita tak suka blog sendiri, itu memang dah parah..

  10. haha… ‘berdarah’ telinga member…

  11. preparation’s still in progress
    ternyata nak nikah tu xsenang, hahaha~
    btw, how u doin?

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