Read My Blog, You Ignorant Brat!

It’s typical for me to hang out with my friends from yesteryear, the last time I saw him was before Ramadhan. So I’m pretty much updated about ‘his’ life (yeah, it was always about him, nothing else).

Him: Bro, did you know that xxx did xxx to me?
NH: No.
Him: Don’t you read my blog?
NH: No.

He looked at me, probably thinking of some ways to get me excited about his blog.

Him: Why don’t you?
NH: Because it’s boring.

Him: Boring? Most of my colleague finds it interesting and..
NH: They’re just being nice to you.

Him: If it’s boring, then why am I getting about 100 hits daily? I bet you don’t get as much as I do.
NH: Yeah, I get about half of yours (sarcastic tone).

Him: I designed everything on my own and my English is through the roof.

By then I was already checking out the chicks sitting next to us.

There’s this special feeling I reserve for my besties, I can’t be entirely truthful to them. Because if I did, they’d probably stop lurking me in the middle of the night to get a sip teh tarik. Besides, I’m kind enough to save them from me. Overly protective from myself? In a way, yeah.

As egoistic as I can be, I really wanted to save his face, until…

Him: NoktahHitam? I read everything and think it’s crap. Mine is a lot better.

He really got me on my nerve. My blog is one of the things I held dear. I met new friends. Created alliance. Shared ideas. Spread lies… what gives him the right for him to shoot me down like that?

Thankfully, I remained composed. Grinning from ear to ear, knowing a sucker punch is heading his way.

NH: I date girls from my blog, have you?

That pretty much shuts him up. Thank you.

ps: UPSR tomorrow! Good luck kids!

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