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The picture has nothing to do with this post, I made if for SembangKomputer. *patting myself* “Good boy, Good boy.”

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I’ve been meaning to write about my Umrah trip, but I think it’ll be another self-indulging post. So I’m posting pictures instead. (they say a picture is worth a thousand words, 20 pictures, 20k words!)

At KLIA airportWaiting for our bus to arriveThe first mosque doorHeadless Jumping at Uhud HillThe 2 Qiblat mosque (now 1 Qiblat)Inside Masjid NabawiFilling up Zam Zam water from TumblerRest after 2 hours of TerawihIn Ihram with Nabawi behindThe Uzbek guy wanted to take picture
Kaabah, I was brought down to my knees.The Going Home party after TerawihIn Front of Al-Haram. A plenty of people.The Sea of PeopleSmile Old Man, you’re on NHStreets with market. Highly priced.Another Empty StreetSome Egyptian on CandidMOVE! We’re cleaning the streetsWas forced to tie the bags :)

I remembered in my toddle years, I asked my granddad, why does he read 3 newspapers, aren’t they all the same (content) ? He gently messes my silky hair and pats me on the head.

The only good, is knowledge; the only evil, is ignorance.”

Of course I didn’t understand a word he said but somehow those words were embed in me. I’ve always thought it was pious remark made by Muhammad PBUH. Unfortunately I was wrong, it was Socrates’s.

Unlike my reverse engineering habit, reading isn’t my natural wont. I used to hate reading. I prefer writing. Out of that audacity, I found myself in darkness rather “Katak di bawah tempurung“. So I made that extra mile to read ‘useless’ penning (mostly dad’s business magazine).

The more I read, the bigger my curiosity grew. Business mags could no longer cater this addictiveness.

I now read a hatful of blogs. Some useful, some are lame but most are beneficial. If subscribing to anonymous blogs means stalking, then I’m a successful pro stalker.

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ps: Grandpa told me in Malay, it was quite a challenge to decrypt back into English.

pss: Time for a McD drive-by Chocolate coated vanilla ice cream~

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36 thoughts on “Read and You Will be Well Read”

  1. and as that matter, i will read any type of book and genre to make my knowledge going up! (macam main game the sims 2 lak eheh).

    as i know, we have nothing loss if we read more and more and at the same time we gain our knowledge more about anything!

  2. 😈 i hate reading.. my eyes can’t bare those alphabets.. ergh.. πŸ˜•

    * minutes later, my history text book haven’t move a single page ahead. i read the first page, and it is the only page i read. hahaha. πŸ˜€

  3. i love to read.. even novel.. magazine lagi la aku suka.. x kira la.. any type of magazine aku tibai.. eh.. kecuali magazine about car..

  4. aku suka membaca komik…buku2 ilmiah…depends….mostly my time spent on the net…i read mostly work related stuff…bla bla bla..lots of things to learn.. πŸ˜•

  5. aisey. ko mengingatkan aku dengan arwah moyang aku la

    aku ingat lagi masa kecik2 dulu. moyang aku lepas breakfast akan hisap paip pastu concentrate baca paper utusan. tak boleh digangggu! hehe

  6. Reading is good even if you are learning Maths (Is reading really importance for Maths?). What students should do to success in Maths. Read, do exercises, read, do exercises, read, do exercises, … (Never ending loop).

    However, in reality, they read once. They try to do the exercises. They failed. Finally, they start to complain about the teacher, the hard to understand books, … .

  7. Yesterday is history, today is reality, and we never know what will happen tomorrow, although our activities today, will affect tomorrow.

  8. kalu mcm game sims2, syok jer baca buku.. baca2 gain knowledge, pastu naik pangkat..haha..

    tp, betul la.. sebelum saya kenal dunia blog nih.. sy hny tau dunia saya jer.. skang byk tau pasal org len, bende lain.. dn byk lg.. huhu..

  9. Hoho (ayat mula yg biasa), pembacaan mmg penting, sbb kalu kurang membca, susah nak tau byk perkataan2 baru..

    menambahkan vocab, bole menyebabkan kita petah berkata-kata..

  10. membaca? aku lemah bab2 baca benda ilmiah ehehe
    aku susah paham bila baca
    so, aku rewrite or lukis pa yg aku baca
    ayat2 satu perenggan, baca 5 kali kot baru nak phm
    ngiahahaha slow gila2 nak pick up kot!

  11. dulu aku selalu lukis mind map bile bace.

    Often at times, I try hard to understand what lies between the line. They could be telling something else.

    I’m a slow reader. Still learning how to speed read.

  12. Stalker rupernyer.. mmg tali barut aisyahkama .. πŸ˜›

    p/s : jangan lupe lak disebabkan kerana dia baru aku dpt jumpe ko

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