Read and You Will be Well Read

The picture has nothing to do with this post, I made if for SembangKomputer. *patting myself* “Good boy, Good boy.”

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I’ve been meaning to write about my Umrah trip, but I think it’ll be another self-indulging post. So I’m posting pictures instead. (they say a picture is worth a thousand words, 20 pictures, 20k words!)

At KLIA airportWaiting for our bus to arriveThe first mosque doorHeadless Jumping at Uhud HillThe 2 Qiblat mosque (now 1 Qiblat)Inside Masjid NabawiFilling up Zam Zam water from TumblerRest after 2 hours of TerawihIn Ihram with Nabawi behindThe Uzbek guy wanted to take picture
Kaabah, I was brought down to my knees.The Going Home party after TerawihIn Front of Al-Haram. A plenty of people.The Sea of PeopleSmile Old Man, you’re on NHStreets with market. Highly priced.Another Empty StreetSome Egyptian on CandidMOVE! We’re cleaning the streetsWas forced to tie the bags :)

I remembered in my toddle years, I asked my granddad, why does he read 3 newspapers, aren’t they all the same (content) ? He gently messes my silky hair and pats me on the head.

The only good, is knowledge; the only evil, is ignorance.”

Of course I didn’t understand a word he said but somehow those words were embed in me. I’ve always thought it was pious remark made by Muhammad PBUH. Unfortunately I was wrong, it was Socrates’s.

Unlike my reverse engineering habit, reading isn’t my natural wont. I used to hate reading. I prefer writing. Out of that audacity, I found myself in darkness rather “Katak di bawah tempurung“. So I made that extra mile to read ‘useless’ penning (mostly dad’s business magazine).

The more I read, the bigger my curiosity grew. Business mags could no longer cater this addictiveness.

I now read a hatful of blogs. Some useful, some are lame but most are beneficial. If subscribing to anonymous blogs means stalking, then I’m a successful pro stalker.

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ps: Grandpa told me in Malay, it was quite a challenge to decrypt back into English.

pss: Time for a McD drive-by Chocolate coated vanilla ice cream~

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