Ramadhan Cards By NH

I’ve always wanted to make my own version of Ramadhan cards, as in printed ones. Out of boredom and panic anxiety, I made these.

Bulan Ramadhan

I’ll sent this to my female girl friends.

Bulan Ramadhan

I’ll send this to unproductive Muslims, Ramadhan is no excuse to skip work. And feeling too ‘under the weather’.

Bulan Ramadhan

This one to my powerPUFF friends. Who’d take a deep breath every now and then.


My MCKK buddies. They’ll know what mosque is that.

Family Ramadhan

and to my family, in laws & in law-to-be.

I’ll tell you more about my Ramadhan adventure. Right now, I need my pillow more than I need my ex.

ps: Oh yeah, If you must steal the images above, let me know   👿

pss: I spent 4 hours doing this thing.. it’s 5 am already!

psss: That is not my smoking hand

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