Raise Your Hand if You Hate Malaysian Drama/Movies!

I sometimes don’t get Malay drama. It’s always about the same thing, it revolves around Datuk, some pious dude, jealousy, ah-long, oh well, you don’t really need me to spell out everything, because you know the drill.

Some mistakes that are easily spotted, work at factory and they could bloody afford to rent a bungalow? WTF? Or applied 178 layers of make up before going to bed. Or ghosts that have strings attached to them. Puftt.. Non sense. Or empty cup of tea, and yet he kept sipping the cup. Hello! Pour that man some tea-lah ok?

Hence why I always say this, Malay drama doesn’t help you grow.

And knowing that these kind of tales can feed in lumps of traffic, the directors and producers thrive on it year to year. Check out Razak Moheedin installments, all Mummy that, mummy this, never ‘The Mummy’. They like servicing older generations rather than grooming the young ones.

If I were a film maker, I’d produce a sports movie or drama.

Why? Heck, some of us don’t really know what they have to go through to become a champion. Or how they got there? The sacrifices made. The sweat, the tears, the blood. These kind of movies are motivating. Makes you want to go out and make a difference, although we both know, neither you or me are talented.

Our younger generation now stays at home, plays DotA on LAN or Sudden Attack in the comfort of their lazy computer chairs that bounces back and forth when they lean against it. Can that attitude take us to Olympics? Hell No. We’ll only give birth to more geeks and nerds, and we don’t need that.

I would always want these kid to triumph a sweet victory on the green field. I always believe if we can’t, maybe our younger generation can! Like how Harimau Malaya won the AFF Suzuki Cup. Everyone was at the edge of their seat when it was streaming.

So directors, film makers and producers, don’t think about the profit. Think about helping the nation grow. At the end of the day, FINAS is going to give you film grants anyway. Be more intelligent-er if not smarter, more empathetic, more charismatic. Stop producing sad sappy and idiotic ghost stories, we’ve seen it before.

And another thing, support our local web apps and brands, because you want us to buy original, and yet you prefer International stuff. Helps you feel ‘glamorous’. No way I’d support you with that attitude.

ps: One of ramblings that has been looming around my head for years.

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