Quicky: Marie Digby Video Clip

You know how much I love I’m a big fan of Marie Digby. Well, here’s a her latest video clip, Say It Again For Me.

It’s simple combination of backdrops. I’d give it 8.9/10 for being cost effective, easy on the eyes and fun to watch.


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  1. 1st! yey! (ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!) er.. kill me dude.. haha!

    marie digby… my babe… *drooling*

  2. entah dude, tak paham aku.. macam main tikam tikam jer.. kekadang masuk.. kekadang tak.. πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

    ps: aku untick that ‘enable feedcomment’, seems ok after that.

  3. hey, that tree pakai kasut roda. comel gila. hahaha. nice song. love it. uuu.. thanks eddie, for introducing the song. i dah download pun vc ni. hoyeah~

    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: what’s up doc ::

  4. aisey.. orang lain boleh pulak. demmit.

    excuse me, marie digby your babe? Ok, amik lah. Aku amek Mia Rose. Hahahaha

  5. Marie Digby cakap, ade setengah2 props tu die bawak balik. (i wish i was one of the prop).

  6. lovely and cute.. i like simplicity.. πŸ™‚

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