Quickie Quick!

A very quick blow from me today.

I’ve removed all unnecessary and verbose codes on NH.  So expect fast loading site wise.

I was building an Ajax Chat plugin for WordPress, half way through, I gave up. I figure it’ll be much easier to outsource the script rather than building one from my exhausted rig. You can  see  try the Ajax Chat here.

Another thing you might notice is how I highlighted recent comments on the right bar. So feel free to gang up on each other. Let’s get this battle royal moving!!

ps: I will be an uncle in 1 week time.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. Cpn nak jadi ayah dah ke? giler babi pantas ! hohoohohoho…rayz btol la.. 😆

  2. macam sama jer. x ada beza pun. tetap pantas.

  3. 4 jam aku edit, ko kate tade beze? hahahaha. sikit sgt kot nak nampak beze die. tp yg penting speed terbaik~

  4. mungkin sb sebelum ni pun dah laju. x ada apa nak di loading lama2 . apapun kudos. 4 jam kerja keras.. hehehe..

  5. loves the chat. i wish i can do something for it. And what is th different between that one compared and a the common ShoutBox?

  6. :up: most simple ajax chat room

  7. seriously, i can feel your speed. posting a reply has been faster!! nice!

  8. Too fast, too furious. Well done!

  9. the same thing actually. but instead of having an ‘attached’ account, you might as well, use your own. faster, bigger space etc etc

  10. Ko dah buang semua iklan? Memang aku perasan, NN and adverlets tu.. mmg menambahkan load time blog je..

    ps : tahniah dah nak jadi bak sedara..
    pss : pergi kawen cepat! then, dpt anak sendiri..

  11. wah bertambah lagi koleksi plugin kau. bagus untuk industri nukilan anak tempatan eheh.

    ps : jadi uncle dah seronok apatahlagi kalau dapat anak sendiri ahaks.

  12. lajuuuu… nice!
    i rasa yg buat lembap tu iklan kot
    masuk site my fren sejak dia letak iklan pun lembap

    *btw congrats pakcik eddie 😉

  13. aah..going to be an uncle…
    being an uncle is fun with one or two nephews/nieces to play with.
    but hell broke lose when there’s 15++ of ’em running around.but the fun is still there nonetheless.

    godbless my big family…

  14. I’ve tried to speed up my blog, but it’s still seems quite slow. How could we measure the speed of both sites – yours and mine? Could you give some advice on it, too?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  15. significantly faster :up: :up: now, do my blog also 😛
    eh, how you do that ‘highlight’ comment thing? cool weh! being an uncle? i already did, my nephew already 3 years old. LOL!

    ps: no iklan, no C? 😀

  16. Use the Recent Comment Plugin. Edit the styles there.

    I hope it’s a lady. Till doctor also dont know the gender of my niece.

  17. I think for the ads tu, I’ll do a separate coding, I’ll make it load after everything else is loaded.

  18. 15 nephews/nieces? WOA! Kilang ke ape?

  19. wahh… mmg laju dah nak load blog nie…

  20. cantek recent comment . =)

  21. cipan nak dpt anak dah? tahniah to him.

    btw, bila nak join wednesgay lunch lagi? td record turnout, 9 orang!

  22. ramai gilos! aku kt client site la, it was raining heavily. Cipan tade kt sini, aku akan runner in law aku bile dah nak meletup. 🙂

  23. wah!! dinner… best nyer… aku gak yg sedey kat sini… plan nak balik kl mlm nih… tetibe dapat email jumaat nih ade meeting ler plak… cancel semo… sedey… 😥 😮 😥 😮

  24. ops silap!… lunch ek?!… aku boley “bace” dinner…

  25. the fertility rate is high…
    got 7 siblings…
    1 ada la dalam minimum 5 anak
    so 3×5=15 minimum.
    godbless my big family haha

  26. goodluck bro. :up:
    jgn smpai terberanak dalam kereta sudah la…

  27. Khalid, you can try http://tools.pingdom.com/

    Try it at least twice, given some interval of time.

    NH = 10.8 secs.
    Soleh = 21.2 secs.

    But mine loads a lot more than yours. I think it’s the server’s connection speed.

  28. Thank you very much.

    Ps: It’s Imam, not Khalid. You can call me ImamKhalid too. 🙂

  29. ko nyer blog memang sentiasa cepat je upload. hehe 🙂

  30. dulu lambat laa… sbb kalo load kat opis guna LAN connection pun still lambat nak load…

  31. Guna LAN atau Wifi 2-2 same laju. Yg penting Internet connection.

    Kalau sambung LAN die ckp “connected 100mpbs” kalau wifi “54 Mbps”. Tp kalau office streamyx 1MB, tak kisah la pakai LAN ke Wifi, same je speed 2-2.

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