Qualification or Passion?

This morning I woke up to a call from a respected ex-co-worker who’ve always treated me nicely. In a sleepy tone, I asked what I can do for him?

Do you want to work at E* ?

We’re always that direct. He briefed me about the job scope and told me he needed 20 engineers with roughly 3 years experience. It’ll be a year contract and/or 3 months extension. Just perfect for someone who wants a little bit of this and that.

Personally, I’m tempted. But it comes with a HEAVY price, stall my passion.

To weigh this, let’s do some reality check.


  • Engineer – Social status. People think highly of them
  • Monthly Cut – Pegged salary, save consistently, on-time loan payment
  • Time – I eat, sleep, work like others. I hate routine.
  • Commute – Squeeze or stuck? KLCC is the destination, rush hour
  • Professionalism – Ethics and I have to behave
  • Attire – Like most nerdy engineers, Dockers top-to-toe
  • Hierarchy – Works must be approved by boss
  • Creativity – Not needed. Just do as told.


  • Web Developer – Sounds geeky and unprofessional, no qualification needed
  • Monthly Cut – Chase clients for payment but unlimited possibilities
  • Time – I’m the master of my universe
  • Commute – As and when required
  • Professionalism – W3C standards, I can go wild if I want
  • Attire – Anything comfortable, in boxers sounds awesome
  • Hierarchy – I make the decision, good or bad
  • Creativity – Suck me dry honey!

I’ve asked around for opinions. But in the end, the decision lies within my hand. Take it or leave it, so, what do you really want to do Edwin?

And remember, Obsession is a Young Man’s game. Think!

ps: If you’re a Mechanical/Electronic Engineer with 3 years (more or less) experience, email me your resume at i(a)noktahhitam.com

pss: E* – think of oil and gas, you know who.

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