Pukul Cikgu, Belasah Cikgu, Salahkah?

Originally from Negaraku.net, tipped by Menteil, from Utusan.

KANGAR 16 Okt. – Dua orang pelajar perempuan Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Perlis di sini didakwa menendang dan memukul seorang guru Fizik berusia 27 tahun setelah dipercayai tidak puas hati dengan tugasan kerja kursus yang diberikan kepada mereka.

Who’s the real bitch, teacher or student? First hand, you might think the student is wrong but when you think thoroughly it could be the teacher’s fault after repeatedly swinging that stack of paper in her face. Watch the video.

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXJtiTagnPg]

I believe the teacher inflicted racks of pain (mentally and physically) onto the student throughout the year. And just like a timed bomb, she exploded, bursting into flame eating anything in sight. That being said, her way of handling is rather infantile. (Hey, she is in her teeny years).

The paper said, the FORM 2 student shoved and kicked the PHYSICS teacher. They teach Physics in Form 2 now? That’s new.

Which reminds me when I was in Form 4, I was slapped in the middle of the class for having a long hair. The injury left my ear ringing the entire week. Long hair, slap? The punishment is rather stupid don’t you think?

What if someone who does more than 600 push ups everyday (like myself) were to punch him in the face as an act of self defense? I’m sure I could’ve repositioned his crooked nose and maybe have him flying across the room. That would’ve been an awesome John Woo scene.

I secretly wanted to flip his car too, but his wife (who teaches History) is too kind to us. Hurt the husband, the wife gets sad. So I let him off the hook.

The very least I could do is take it like a man, although it’s against my wicked nature, which is to revenge.

ps: I wrote about poverty in response to BlogActionDay, but it gives me this hollow feeling as if I can’t really do anything about it. So I saved it my draft.

pss: We’re planning for a Negaraku! Gathering at an orphanage. Will tell you about it later.

psss: It felt good having people to acknowledge my writing 😮

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