Proton’s Electric Car is a Bad Move

While the people in Malaysia are still battling with the hike in petrol price, Proton introduces they newly join venture with Detroit Electric. Proton’s Electric car.

Proton Electric

Stupid Bad move. Here’s why.

You need to charge the car. What happens if your car ran out of battery in traffic jam? Conventionally, you can always walk to the nearest station. Battery? Get AA size ones? Push? I’d recommend you call a towing company. That’s RM200 down the drain 😥

Sky high electricity bill. You may think it’ll reduce your petrol expenditure but you’re wrong. The petrol expenditure will go directly to your electricity bill. Leverage, justify, call it what ever you want, you gain too little to notice 😯

Black outs. Let’s face it, monopoly is bad idea of improving any service. We all had our blackouts every now and then. So tell me, where can you seek refuge during the darkest day when your car is dead?   😕

Going greener? Nope. Electricity comes from burning gas and charcoal. We have yet to own a nuclear plant although MINT was established long ago 😡

Old housing wiring. Most modern home are equipped with a 3 phase power supply, sadly not rural ones. Naturally, electric cars will need these facility to recharge the battery. Yeah, you can strike out balik kampung with this car ❗

High density residential. If you live in a condo, apartment or any high rise, it’ll be (almost) impossible to recharge your car from your house. They’ll be a special parking bay and I bet your management will shave every extra penny you make :down:

Having said all of the above, wouldn’t it be smarter to work on hybrid or hydrogen car? The choice is yours ➡

ps: My arguement today is from consumer’s point of view.

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