Problem with Windows XP SP3, FlyakiteOSX

Few days ago, I installed a software to remove my-thousand-fonts. Somehow, I slipped MS san serif and everything else falls apart. It looked like the end of world!

Did some googling, restore, upgrade. It still looked like minced roti canai. Last option, reformat.

Mac Skin

I’m not exactly fond of Apple lineups, but an avid fan of it’s interface.

Acthung! Geek at work, up ahead

Solution : Use FlyakiteOSX 3.5

Problem : It doesn’t work on Windows XP Service Pack 3.

In SP3 the uxtheme.dll (found in C:\Windows\System32) needs a patch.

  1. Download the patch from withinwindows and unzip
  2. Download “replacer” from, unzip and launch
  3. Backup the uxtheme.dll
  4. Drag the old uxtheme.dll into “replacer” and enter
  5. Drag the new uxtheme.dll into “replacer” and enter
  6. Install FlyakiteOSX!

windows-xp.jpg Before macosx.jpg After

Now, let’s get back to installing new software on an empty XP 😮

ps: Windows XP vs Mac? Nah.. too petty to argue.

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