Prayers Heard, Amen

*Tick Tock*, the living room clock is making a complete mockery of my nocturnal state. Tomorrow’s a big day, I’m flying off to Saudi Arabia. Or maybe I’m just excited, I remained restless.

To compensate the spare time, I made a list of prayers. A VERY long list.

When I saw Kaabah before my eyes, I went down on my knees. I was deeply honored, even a sinful man like me could be bestowed with such opportunity. I rubbed my eyes, making sure it wasn’t a dream. Pinched, and it hurts like bitch.

Ayam Golek Golek

I’m a science geek, I need another reason for a reason. I don’t believe in miracles. What more to bank my endeavor solely on prayers. To me, efforts equates to half of the deeds. Double the sweat and I’ll earn that victory lap.

But what happened these past few months completely opened my mind.

  • 5 of my friends got engaged, who seemed lost when it comes to love.
  • 2 of my friend’s spouse got pregnant, who tried really hard.
  • dad and mom being exceedingly successful, it was sluggish before.
  • and a few others got what they wanted, a key to better prospect.

I won’t stoop so low and pat my back for obvious reasons. But I don’t think by doubling the bedroom action could do the trick either. They’ll probably end up crawling out the door, worst crippled. Which only leads me to conceive, granted by higher power.

If there was a specific time to be selfless, that was it. After all, they yearned for His attention more than I do, even though by all means, shrinking my own. And I reckon if my friends were there, they’ll do the right thing too, pray for me.

I’m glad, congratulations is in order. Till then, alhamdulillah.

ps: I didn’t elaborate much about my Umrah, so spare me.

pss: Why do I have to massage my own ego? Gosh, this is becoming a worrying habit!

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