Pray for Kemaman

Last time when I was in Kemaman was in 2007. I was working for my father. I stayed over at Skis’s place. I remember sipping coffee everyday after work.

Today, the place looks horrible. It rained from Sunday to Tuesday, 1-3 December 2013. Skis was stranded in the office for 2 days. Luckily he had power supply, mobile coverage and bananas, our whatsapp group kept a good company.

Pray for Kemaman

Pray for Kemaman

Pray for Kemaman

Pray for Kemaman

Pray for Kemaman

Take care Skis. We’ll pray for you. InsyaAllah, everything will be ok.


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  1. Wait up Eddie. Bananas? As bananas fruit literally? Or is there any other bananas that I should know about?

  2. Don’t bother telling me what is that bananas thing. I spoke to my sister last night and she cleared the web on me.

  3. keadaan nampak macam dah teruk.. semoga mangsa selamat dan tabah menerima ujian.

  4. Yes, literally bananas in the office to eat. He would’ve starve to death if it wasn’t for that.

  5. That bananas? :LOL

    I thought bananas as a bot untuk mengharung banjir. My sister just got back from Terengganu and said that they have that kind of thing.

  6. baru balik dari Terengganu , masa lalu Kemaman kelihatan sudah takde masalah banjir , tapi kesan banjir tuh jelas kelihatan…

  7. semoga mangsa selamat dan tabah menerima ujian….

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