Poor FlyFM Advertisement

I want to become a waiter

“Maybe some day, I too can work in a 5 star hotel”.

A short clip of FlyFM’s advertisement to be exact.

Who are they trying to kid? Imagine walking into that college, a man introduces himself as the dean and told you, “You are guaranteed a position in a 5 Star hotel. You will LEARN the art of serving overpriced food & drinks.”

Has Malaysian ambition & expectation sunk so low? Last I checked with Emok[1. Emok is my 10 year old brother], he wanted to be a scientist 😯

My old man told me, “asal halal sudah“[2. As long as it comes from the righteous path], I don’t think that’s the case here 😡

Let’s not bicker in flames and change that line to, “Maybe someday, I can open my own 5 start hotel“. Now that sounds much better, don’t you think?

ps : I believe it’s a hotel management course ➡

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