Pontianak on the Loose, Cyberjaya

I guess the lost caucassian kid I posted the other day didn’t scare you that much. Some still doubt it’s authenticity. I don’t blame you. It does look a bit awkward.


This photo was captured in Cyberjaya. The road next to the building leads to Dengkil. Those who’re familiar may know the name of the building. I don’t wish to name it. It could be your office.

Anyway, being NH, I can’t refrain myself from giving you goosebumps   😆

Why So Serious?

She reminds me of Joker and his catch phrase,‘why so serious?’ Don’t you see the resemblance?

Anyway, for those who doubt the authenticity, here’s the image (600 kb).

On other note, I’m actually losing my mind after writing a 21-page-manual. It’s so frustrating and exhausting. I don’t even feel like blogging at all. But here I am, updating my blog with a some ghostly image 3 am.

Shit, I’m getting goosebump. Night people. 45-pages to go!

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