Polis Tembak Mati Budak 15 Tahun

A kid, 14 going 15 was shot dead while driving her sister’s Iswara near the vicinity of Seksyen 9 Shah Alam. The kid was suspected to be involved in a robbery. Open fire with no clear basis? PURE WTF man?

This is not a Hollywood movie, where you aim and fire at will. This is real lives we’re talking about. There are ethics to open fire and I believe it can only be used when the police’s life was at stake.

Reading and watching videos of the news brought a sudden fear within me. What is the police interest? Was the police man fucking drunk? Was that 15 year old boy so fucking lethal that they had to brought him down? What was his mistake? No driving license?

Picture this, you’re on your way back home from teh tarik and all of a sudden, the police starts shooting at you. What would you do? You’d probably contemplate, to hit the police, speed up or stop. Most of us would probably stop. But for that boy’s case, he had no license, so I guess he sped off.

What ever it is, I hope the shooting police man gets a life sentence. It’s because bad seeds like him, the police force’s integrity is at jeopardy. Fucking retard!

Malaysiakini: Aminulrasyid or Malaysiakini.TV

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