PMR Result MCKK: Hats Off to Teachers

MCKK PMR Results

Yesterday, the result for PMR2007 was released, below is the result for MCKK

98 people got 8As, 12 7As, 6 6As, 3 5As and 1 3As; giving an 82% straight As results (only second time in history if I am not mistaken koleq has surpassed the 80% mark). KH and BM full As-source koleq94

Hands down to those who scored 8As. For those who didn’t score, it’s just not your luck, make a come back in your SPM.

Over a nasi lemak “tetek (breast) with Fadli, we compared our results. During our time, 83% of us nailed 8As with KH and English full As. We were no3 in the nation. I forgot which school was in the first two position.

My highest gratitude to Cikgu Koleq (MCKK teachers), teaching a bunch of snobbish kids isn’t a simple task. Thank you. *hats off*

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