Plant-a-Tree, WordPress Theme

This theme is called, “Plant-a-Tree”, to increase the awareness of Global Warming. Hey, it’s Earth Day!


Instructions as per below


1 – Twitter enabled.
2 – Recent Comment installed.
3 – For viewing on 1024 x 800
4 – Cool page navigation
5 – No tree (paper) was involved in the making
6 – WP stat ready
7 – Widget ready
8 – Social Bookmarking ready, Technorati and StumbleUpon
9 – Recent comment plugin included (non-widget)

Known problem and future works:

1 – Not compatible with IE 5.5 and below.
2 – Inconsistent design
3 – Widget support, but I prefer PHP.
4 – I roughly need another 10 5 more hours to complete this theme
5 – Doesn’t support Lightbox


1 – Download it (duh!)
2 – Unzip and upload it to your wp-content/theme
3 – Go to “Presentation” And click “Plant-a-Tree”
4 – Twitter Code. Change the twitter code, get from here and set Number of updates to 1 or change “noktahhitam” below with your ID.
5 – Insert own Technorati and StumbleUpon code

You can DOWNLOAD HERE (114kb) or Mirror Site (114kb)

Ultimate credit goes to Igor Penjivrag for his theme called Cubismo. Without his theme, non of this is possible.

ps: Please leave the credit at the bottom. Its filed under Creative Common 2.5.. I can sue!  😮

pss: Questions? Feedback Please leave a comment

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