Phewww, I’m Glad That’s Over

I’m glad my project with TTDA has finally completed. The mock up.

Phewww, I'm Glad That's Over

Then it evolved as we discussed about the layout etc.

Phewww, I'm Glad That's Over

It evolved to many series actually, but unfortunately, I forgot to screen capture the various versions of the design.

Phewww, I'm Glad That's Over

When we arrived the day before the official launch, we had to agree on something. By then, it was too late to vet through the design and other impending tasks were already lined up; porting server, migrate db etc . Either way, they had to stick their necks and pray that it wouldn’t be a mess. They just had to trust me.

Thank God everything went well. Now to do UAT.. so boring!

ps: Web design used to be my work, now my hobby 😉


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. Terbaik bro. Nice one. So which mockup Toshiba akan guna di live web nanti?

  2. lawa siot .. teledynamics kan ? hehe

  3. Dah live dah pon, yg last sekali tu. Edit on the fly

  4. Nope. Ni for Toshiba Power. yg buat tiang letrik etc.

  5. BTW, how’s your business doing?

  6. Aku tengok design yg 1st nampak smart..Tapi dia nk yg last tu ye. Hehe. Bape dia bayar ni utk design saja ni bro? Hehe..

  7. Business doing great-great bro.. Hehehe.. Bisnes Laman7 lak camane bro?

  8. Hmm dlm 13k ade la. Tp everything kene buat. Yg tak best kene pakse buat photoshoot. Masalahnye aku bukan pandai tangkap gambar pon.

  9. Very slow. Now focused on full-time job. Kalau big project, I’d take it la. Small ones, kadang fussy sgt customer, bayar sejemput je. Maleh nak layan.

  10. NoktahHitam: full time bro keje ape eh? ingatkan keje web designer tu fulltime. hehehe..

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