Petronas Deepavali 2008 Ads

I’m not trying to be KNizam here but this ad brought rain on my sunny day. Watch it!


To all my indian friends and readers, thank you for being a good Malaysian and Happy Deepavali.

To Balajoe, I’m still pretty much in love with this story you wrote 3 years ago. Happy Deepavali to you too. If I was part of the Petronas branding team, I’ll definitely pay you for the story and make advertisement out of it. The only problem is, getting a bas mini.

ps: Yes, I’m a sucker for warm stories and movies.

pss: If one thing Petronas is good at, it’ll be making TV commercials, no offense.

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. weh aku pernah cite2 nak jadik air traffic controller 2…
    tapi skang dah leh jadik 2, jadik polis trafik ok x??

  2. ada call ke, tak kuar pun. handset aku bengong kot. ahaha

  3. still terase kekurangannye iklan ni.tapi macam smakuchan ckp,better from ad for raya.

  4. its really cool. Its not easy to do this ad. 🙂

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